Tue Feb 1, 2011

Background information and web links on cyclones plus specific links related to Cyclone Yasi are available here.

There is also a rapid roundup of expert comments.

This page will be updated as more information becomes available.Cyclone Yasi - Credit CIMSS 2 Feb 2011

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The AusSMC has collated some background notes on cyclones here.

For more background information on tropical cyclones, go to the Bureau of Meteorology’s website at:

For background info on storm surge preparedness and safety go to:

The Bureau also has general information about cyclone intensity and impacts at:


For the latest information from the Bureau of Meteorology on cyclones including forecast track maps, goto:

The Bureau of Meteorology NT office has also issued further information on the likelihood of flooding in Central Australia over the weekend.

Some satellite imagery of Cyclone Yasi is available on the NASA website

The Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies (CIMSS)  at the University of Wisconson-Madison also has some useful information on current cyclones at

For specific interactive images (visual and infra-red) of Cyclone Yasi prepared by CIMSS, click here.
(To include an overlay of cloud cover, select VIS/SWIR option on the top line and 4km or 8km for image resolution (located in the left column). Tracking lines, latitude and longitude lines can be selected using the boxes on the third line titled Backgrounds above the map).
If you use any images from the link above, please credit CIMSS.

An infra-red animation of Cyclone Yasi has been posted on the US Govt’s NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) website at:

Updated global images in colour and black and white are available on the Japan Meteorological Agency’s website at:

The US Navy’s  Joint Typhoon Warning Centre also has published images and specific information on Cyclone Yasi.  Go to:

A video timelapse showing Cyclone Yasi developing is available at:

An integrated google map of Australia overlaid with satellite imagery and warning zones is available here